Saturday, October 16, 2010

A Slumber Party {for two}

When you have a slumber party with a very energetic almost 3 year old you never know what to expect! You may expect them to sleep in the bed you made in the living room but they will probably end up in your bed with you and fidget all night in your bed so you can't forget they are there! Haha! You may expect them to do one or two activities but instead they will go through 100 activities in about 1 hour (making cookies, watch show, color, read books, play iPhone games, watch another show, etc, etc.) You may expect them to be quiet since they are so tired but instead they will ask you 1000 questions. But it will all be worth it when they look at you and tell you how much fun they are having and that they love you!

Peyton was up bright and early and eager to do all the fun things I had told her about the night before. We went and did a few fun errands and then we were off to the pumpkin patch. It was a beautiful day here too but really windy. It was nice to be out in the sun since we all know here that all too soon it will be freezing! Peyton smiled all day! She kept telling me that everything we were doing was her favorite. Too cute.

We had a lot of fun feeding the goats even though one of the "mean" ones grabbed the bag off food right out of Peyton's hand and while doing it got a hold of her sweater sleeve. He scared her but I think she was most upset that he stole all the food and she had none left. I bought another bag and she was all smiles again. I think she would have fed the "nice" goats all day!

Peyton and I had such a fun time at our slumber party! I hope we have many more to come.

A few Peyton conversations--

Peyton: Can I bring baby in the store w/ me?
Me: No please leave her in the car so that we don't lose her.
I walk around the car to get Peyton out of her car seat and hear her saying something to baby who she is still holding
Me: Peyton you need to leave baby in the car.
Peyton: I know that is what I was just telling her!
After returning to car from store

Peyton: I'm sorry baby that you couldn't come. I missed you too.

Me: Peyton why is baby always naked?
Peyton: She likes it this way. She only has pj's.
Me: If I buy baby a new dress will you leave it on her?
Peyton: No!
(You would have had to be there but her tone of voice when she answered was just too funny. She loves her naked baby!)

Putting the girls in their car seats so they can head home. . .
Peyton: Jodi are you going home?
Me: Yup
Peyton: But I'm going to miss you (in the cutest, sweetest voice)

And a funny Ella one--

On Thursday I called my mom who was watching the girls. I wanted to talk to Peyton to tell her she was going to sleep over.
My mom: Peyton someone is on the phone for you
Peyton: Who?
My mom: Who do you think?
Peyton: I don't know
My mom: Who calls you all the time on the phone?
Peyton: Who?
My mom: Who do you talk to on the phone?
Ella: Jooo-deeee! (in her high pitched adorable voice)
That game my mom and I a good laugh b/c she was just sitting their quietly and they stole the show from Peyton. Since Peyton didn't want to talk to me I had a riveting conversation w/ Ella. That kid can talk!

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  1. sounds like you ladies had a great night and day! love the irish cap!