Saturday, October 2, 2010

Ramblings. . .

So today I leave for California finally! I was scheduled to leave last Saturday but unfortunately had to postpone it due to my travel companion, Stephanie coming down with pneumonia. I'm happy to report that she is feeling much better after an extra week to recover and we have big plans for the week. Watch out California. . . we will be on the loose from Wine Country all the way down to Los Angeles and Long Beach. We are hoping to see some famous people so might just have to hit a trendy bar one night. Looking forward to seeing old friends in Long Beach too.

So anyone that knows me well knows that I am a huge PROCRASTINATOR! No kidding aside it really is bad. I seriously hate packing and always wait until the last minute. So I'd say I'm about 1/2 packed at this point. Basically my day has gone a little like this - get out the suitcase, watch 90210 on DVR, put away clean clothes, watch another 90210 on DVR, lay out some clothes I want to bring, clean kitchen, organize medications needed for vacation, sit down and check email, pack some more clothes and decide I'll need the bigger suitcase, sit again, pick out jewelry I want to bring, put the stuff I've packed into the bigger suitcase and realize I have so much more room now (should I get out more?), sit back down and decide to check email and FB and the blogs, write this random post, pack some shoes and bathing suit, do some cleaning around the apartment, pack a little more. . . and so on and so forth. But don't worry I'll get it all down!

Tomorrow at this time I'll be sipping vino in wine country with Stephanie and hopefully Arielle and life will be good!

On another note I've been busy making plans for "Jodi Bean's Fundraiser for MS" which is on Nov 12th. I'm really exciting about the silent auction prizes so far and have some really good news ones in the works too! The event is going to be a blast and I hope many of you are planning to come.

Before I get back to packing wanted to update you about my iPhone saga. . . I did buy a new phone which was $211.44*. I had a pit in my stomach the whole time I was in the Apple store and when I handed him my credit card it really did sting. But you will be proud because soon after I did purchase iPhone insurance through Square Trade for $100. They will cover the phone if it breaks or gets water damage but not lost or stolen. So this phone will be attached to me so that it does not get lost or stolen. I do not plan to buy another new phone for a long, long, long time! And just to keep it extra safe when it is in my bad I purchase a cozy little case for it to be in. It also has a hard case but I figured a little extra protection couldn't hurt.

*by the way I'll now be babysitting for the rest of my life to pay off all this stuff!

Then just for the fun of it I got some protection for my laptop too. Considering my luck with the phone figured it couldn't hurt. Haha!

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  1. Have a good time Jodi! Wine country...yummmmmmmm