Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Mouse in the House {or in the Car}?

So while I was enjoying a vacation in California a little mouse was making himself at home in my kitchen closet/pantry. This past Sat when I opened the closet door to get Peyton a snack I noticed that the small bag of crackers had a hole in the bag. I didn't think much of it and went on w/ what I was doing. Then I had to go into the closet again and this time realized that there were gram cracker crumbs ALL over the top shelf. So needless to say I freaked (in silence b/c I didn't want to alarm Peyton). I closed the door and haven't really gone back in there since.

Fast forward to tonight when my dad came to my rescue. He came to my place and investigated the situation. He did find a very small opening in the closet where the base board meets the wall. So he patched that up w/ duct tape. There was also a hole up high on the inside of the closet wall for the fuse box. So he patched those up. He helped me clean out all the shelves and we threw a lot of food away. This mouse had some fun eating his way through my closet! He even ate the powered cheese that comes in the packages w/ Easy Mac! Gross!!

Once the closet was under control it was onto the cabinet under the sink. No signs of the mouse in there (meaning no mouse poop) but to be safe he patched up the holes/cracks around the pipes and baseboard.

And just to be safe there is a mouse trap filled w/ peanut butter under my stove. Since I didn't want to be able to see it I put a little stool in front of it. I told my dad he would have to come back to check that trap as I don't think I'll be peaking at it. If I happen to hear the trap go off I will FREAK and will be staying out of my kitchen until he can take care of it! Haha!

A few minutes ago my phone rings and I noticed that it is my mom and dad. I'm wondering why they are calling since I just talked to my mom only moments before. I answer and my mom tells me "you aren't going to believe this." My dad (who doesn't have the best hearing) swears he can "hear something" on his ride home. He had brought a Home Depot bag into my house w/ some "supplies" and had left w/ it. He also took my laundry basket (b/c my lovely mom said she would do my laundry). So I guess he could hear the bag making some noise. He stopped in the town next to his and checked it out but didn't notice anything. When he got home to their driveway he took the laundry basket out and sorted through each piece of clothing to make sure there wasn't a mouse in the laundry basket! He is convinced that he brought the mouse into his car w/ him. I think he is just paranoid. I don't know how the mouse would have run into my laundry basket right as we opened the closet w/ neither or us seeing it. He thinks it is possible. He may even put a mouse trap in his car haha! I told him unless he has evidence I won't buy this crazy story. But if he did take it w/ him that is fine too b/c hopefully means I won't have anymore visitors!!


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