Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Expanding My Mind

Tonight I attended an event sponsored by MS Active Source. They are not paying me to write this post. Opinions in this post are just mine! :)

The title of the event was "Identifying and Managing MS Symptoms" but I think it should really have been called "Treating MS" b/c most of the presentation was about MS treatments and new medications on the horizon. The speaker was Dr. Philip Kinkel from Beth Israel Hospital. I had never heard him speak before but I had heard really good things about him from several people. They were right. He was very honest and shared his opinions about treatments and he was also very down to earth! He talked like a "regular person" and was easy to understand. He was easy to follow and I found the info he presented very helpful especially around the new oral medication that is coming out. He pretty much supported what I was already thinking but it made me feel good to know my own personal choices weren't too off base for right now.

And maybe the biggest accomplishment of the night was that I went ALONE! Now this may not sound like a big deal especially coming from someone as independent as me. But I HATE going to things like this alone (I also do not like eating alone or sitting at bars alone). But I'm working on it. My friend w/ MS had to cancel last minute due to fatigue which of course I could totally relate to. I wasn't going to go but then another friends gave me the push I needed to do it. I'm glad I went and I realize that going alone is really no big deal at all.

I have a love/hate relationship w/ pharmaceutical companies but that is a post for another day. But they did sponsor a very nice event w/ a great meal and a fun swag bag. I got a really nice black canvas bag, an orange aluminum water bottle (that does not say anything on it which is quite unusual but super nice), and a copy of MS for Dummies will be mailed to me. I think this book could be a great resource to share w/ family and friends.

MS Active Source literally has events every week in my area. I highly recommend checking them out (no matter what therapy you are on). I look forward to attending one next month where my neurologist is the speaker.

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