Friday, October 15, 2010

California Cupcake Crawl

Have you ever been on a pub crawl? Well a "California Cupcake Crawl" is like that except it is at cupcake bakeries and it is in California (but you could do one anywhere!) Stephanie and I are proud to be the inventors of the "California Cupcake Crawl" and I know you're jealous. Haha! So since you couldn't come w/ us and actually taste the deliciousness of all the cupcakes I'll try to recap for you. Then if you are ever in California and only have time for one cupcake bakery you'll know which one you want to go to!

Our first stop was at Sprinkles Cupcakes in Beverly Hills. Sprinkles is probably the most "famous" of the California cupcake shops but other new shops are giving it some good competition. Sprinkles is very small and very busy. There is just a small counter w/ 4 stools so not really the place to hang out and relax! I stayed traditional w/ the "black and white" which was a chocolate cupcake w/ butter cream frosting and it was DELICIOUS! Steph was daring and tried something new - marshmallow. She said it was ok. Imagine a Hostess cupcake but fancier!

Next stop was just down the street (very convenient for when doing a cupcake crawl) at Crumbs Bake Shop which is also in Beverly Hills. This shop originated in New York. They win for their decorations and cupcake display case. They had cute Halloween decorations out and many festive holiday cupcakes. All the cupcakes were very inviting. We decided on Mint Chocolate Chip and took it to go. Upon eating it later we both thought it was good. The cupcakes here were big!

Third stop was at Vanilla Bake Shop in Santa Monica. Vanilla had mini cupcakes which was exciting b/c we could get 3 different flavors to try. We chose carrot cake (Steph's choice obviously since I would never mix vegetable and dessert - lol), chocolate raspberry (my choice) and red velvet (combined choice). We took these to go too. Upon tasting them at home we found them to be good. Steph said her carrot cake mini cupcake was delicious! I'll take her word for it. The other were good too. Bite size means you could eat many.

Fourth and final stop for Day 1 of "California Cupcake Crawl" was at Yummy Cupcakes which was right down the street from Vanilla in Santa Monica. Again making the cupcake crawl very easy! When they built these stores nears each other they must have known that MANY people would be doing the very popular cupcake crawl! Anyways - This place has a really cute window as you can see from our picture. This place also had some different flavors than the others. We got Carmel Salted Chocolate (Heavenly!) and Chocolate Peanut butter. I really don't know if there are words to describe how delicious the Carmel Salted Chocolate cupcake was!? Who doesn't love sweet and salty together and then add some carmel - mmmmmmmm! That was by far my favorite of them all! By the way we took these to go too. The only thing I didn't like about this place is that they put both cupcakes in a brown paper bag to go which meant by the time we got home they had squished together a little - not cool. And their packaging was boring where as many of the others stores had cute boxes or bags w/ their logo.

Here are all the cupcakes we brought home from 3 different bakeries. They don't look as pretty here as they did in the bakeries but they still tasted good. We arrived "home" to where I was staying w/ my friend Caroline and her family right at 6 PM which is the same time she comes in the door w/ the kids from work and school. So what do Steph and I do - well offer them some pre dinner appetizers of course! Haha! Let's just say they all loved us for that! They seemed to like them all so not sure we got a vote from them in regard to favorite! Let's just say these kids aren't picky. :)

Steph and I took a few days off to come down from our sugar high. Then we were ready to set off again. Day 2 included two bakeries located in Long Beach which was very nice since that is where I was staying. We started the day at Miss Priss Cupcakes. This place is ADORABLE! It would be a great setting for a little girl's birthday party (or a big girl's birthday party - like mine! Haha!) This place had both regular sized cupcakes and mini cupcakes with a lot of flavors. They had cute little containers that held 6 mini cupcakes and a lot of people in there were ordering that. Great way to try a lot of different flavors. Steph and I went for the big guys - I got Chocolate Heath Bar and Steph got Orange (the first non chocolate purchase). Mine was pretty good but I was expecting butter cream frosting and I think it was cream cheese frosting. Steph really liked hers. Miss Priss can definitely compete w/ the more well known shops in LA!

Last stop was at Frosted Cupcakery. This shop is more contemporary than some of the other locations. Frosted also had cupcakes filled w/ ice cream. I really wanted to try one but they didn't have any w/ chocolate ice cream when we were there so I skipped that. I got a white cupcake w/ chocolate frosting and Steph got Reese's Peanut Butter Cup which she said was VERY good. This place was good but I liked the other one in Long Beach better!

All and all we tasted a lot of yummy cupcakes. The prices were all pretty similar. We had such a fun time on our "California Cupcake Crawl" and got drunk on SUGAR. Lots of sugar. I'll have to try a cupcake crawl in Boston to see how they compare to the places in LA/Long Beach.

What about you have you ever done a different kind of "crawl" or food tasting experience?


  1. Hmmmmmmm...I have a cupcake craving!
    What a fun thing to do Jodi. I am afraid if I ate that many cupcakes, I would indeed end up crawling...literally.

  2. love the new post! i'm going through withdrawals!!!!!!! so i baked a tray of brownies... but it doesn't compare! thanks for the card, btw!