Monday, October 25, 2010

CA Vacation Recap - Wine Country

So I'm finally going to do a recap about my CA vacation (in 3 parts). I flew into San Fran and Steph picked me up at the airport and brought me back to her family's house in Santa Rosa. We spent 2 days exploring wine country. We mostly met to wineries around Healdsburg which is right near where she lives. It was really pretty and not too crowded which was great.

We had great weather while I was there which made the time even more enjoyable. Good friend, good weather and WINE! What more could I ask for?

Wine country is so beautiful. If you've never been I highly recommend you taking a trip there. I love all the grape vines and I love this picture I took. I would often ask Steph to pull over when we were driving so that I could jump out of the car and snap a picture. The grapes on the vine looked so pretty b/c I was there during harvest time.

We went to A LOT of different places and I can't remember them all. I wanted to list them all and link them to their websites but since it has taken me 3 weeks just to get this done let's just settle for that. Haha! This picture was taken at Korbel. I LOVE champagne. Korbel was really pretty. We passed on the tour and went straight for the bubbles. Yum!

Another pit stop while driving. Pretty much everywhere you look in wine country you see grapes. There is something very relaxing about these vines (to me - I'm sure the grape pickers would not agree).

Posing w/ a pumpkin at a "private winery" that was open by appointment only. Luckily nobody seemed to notice us taking pictures.

Just relaxing - until they chased us out of there! Just kidding we left willingly on our own.

There were pumpkins on every fence post all the way up a very long driveway to the winery. It looked so pretty.

We had so much fun. There weren't too many people around so it was great. The "wine pourers" (I may have just made up that job title) were very friendly and chatty and often gave us extra samples.

Steph had several coupons for free tastings so we really didn't have to pay anyplace we went. At one of the wineries we saw a sign that if you showed that you had a Visa Signature card you could also get free tastings. So we were all set! When we sat to take this picture I told Steph that it seemed like a photo opportunity for a couple. Don't we look so cute? :)

I've never been a big fan of posing for pics alone but this is at Bella where the have wine caves. We did our tasting inside of the cave that is behind me and it was really pretty. They also gave us some chocolate brownies to eat while tasting one of the wines which especially made Steph happy.

This is at Bella too inside of the cave. I had such a fun time! Drank a lot of wine! Wish I could have stayed there longer but we had a road trip down Highway 1 for Steph's big move to LA! More to come about that soon.

Sorry I can't be more specific about which wineries we went to but in the 2 days we must have gone to close to 20. Sometimes we would ask the people at one winery which one they would recommend next or which was their favorite. They were surprisingly helpful. Quite honestly I don't think you could go to a bad winery. They all have wine so how can you go wrong???

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  1. Wine country, vineyards, wine...ahhh, what a fantabulous vacation.