Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Provigil Update

I started taking Provigil (used for fatigue from MS) on Friday. Right now I'm taking 1 100 mg tablet each day but I can take up to 200 mg each day if needed. So far so good. I really have noticed a difference. I feel much less tired throughout the day. I wouldn't say I feel 100% but it is definitely a big improvement from where I've been. So I'd say that is a success.

So right now I'm exhausted from two emotionally draining days of work (but that is a whole other post). I'm resting tonight since I have a long day tomorrow. While this medication isn't going to make it possible to do everything I think it is at least helping me get through the work day a little easier. And I'm not yawning is everyone's faces all day! Haha!

Not sure why I didn't try it sooner since my neurologist has suggested it to me many times. I was always reluctant to add another medication to my lost list of meds! Plus I take medication to sleep so I thought it was a bit weird to take something to sleep every night and then something every morning to stay awake! But if this is what works for now this is what I will do.

The goal is to join the gym when I get back from vacation. I'm hoping the Provigil will keep me awake enough a couple of evenings a week so that I can work out. We shall see. . .


  1. I'm glad it is working for you!!! Yes, one to stay awake with and one to stay asleep with. LOL. I have to take meds for sleep.

  2. Nice to hear it's working for you - I have been considering adding it to my list of meds too.