Sunday, September 26, 2010

iPhone + Toilet = Sad Jodi

For those of you who have known we for a while know that I have lost (or had my iPhone stolen) twice. The weird thing is before I had the iPhone I had just regular boring cell phones and NEVER EVER lost one. Back in July I lost my iPhone at Target. If you didn't read about it go here first.

So last night was a first for me. . . I dropped my brand new iPhone 4 in the toilet. Then since I didn't know I had I flushed the toilet and left the stall. Another girl went in to use the bathroom and I realized I didn't have my phone and I started searching my purse then the floor. The girl came out and my friend Jenny went into the stall to look and there it was in the toilet. But it wasn't floating around near the top - no it was WAY down (since it had been flushed twice) and Jenny had to fish it out. So needless to say my phone is not currently working.

When I got home I placed my phone in a bowl of dry rice b/c I remembered hearing this could help. Then this morning I did a google search for "drying out iPhone" and surprisingly there are a ton of articles about this topic. I guess I'm not the only one who has ever dropped a phone in the toilet. Turns out it is quite common. The "experts" suggest putting it in rice and using silica gel which you order online. So I ordered some today and it should be here in 2 to 3 days. It will stay in the rice until then and then I will use the silica gel which will help pull out more of the moisture.

The phone has sensors that turn pink when it gets wet so the people at Apple will known it got wet. So no making up a story about it not working for some other reason! But there may be an option for repair if it doesn't work after all of my home remedies.

So feeling pretty depressed about the whole thing and PRAYING it will work again. If anyone out there has an old iPhone they aren't using and want to donate to me for the week I would really appreciate it.

I told my sister-in-law Jenn to tell my almost 3 year old niece, Peyton that I had dropped my phone in the toilet and she said "Why would Jodi drop her phone in the toilet?" and I told her I had asked myself the same question! Then she asked "Does this mean I can't play the games anymore?" Haha! It is all about her!! :) Peyton LOVES my phone and we recently added two new games which she is really enjoying. Hopefully I won't have to disappoint her.


  1. Almost dropped my blackberry in the toilet once. I stopped putting it in a pocket when headed to the bathroom. I usually will leave it anywhere in the houde so it can't go near the toilet. I feel for you.

  2. love Peyton's concern.. Jodi, I really hope you find the fix for it..

  3. Oh that is painful to read...I want to get an iPhone but I have this fear that I will destroy it within months which would be devastating. Hope the rice combo works!

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  5. When Tim got home she said to him " Daddy, Jodi put her phone in the toilet and flushed it!She is silly!" Oh, to be 2! Hope the rice works!

  6. Oh my...!!! I feel for you!

    My biggest fear is losing my cochlear implant processor in the toilet (it attaches itself to my skull by MAGNET...the other part of the magnet is surgically implanted inside my skull) so I am always holding on my ear when I flush, LOL. If it fell off I am out 7K!!!!

    Never thought about a phone...!!! EEEK.

    Hope the rice and gel work for you.

  7. Did it work again? The rice-method usually works, but it still depends on how long have the phone submerged in the water. The trick works if you had the phone turned off and dried in the rice right away before more is absorbed by its system, although a quick run with the blowdryer could help speed things up too.
    – Mary, TelcoWorld

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