Saturday, September 4, 2010

I Need a Massage (Every Morning)!

Every morning I wake up from many hours of restful sleep feeling like I've aged 50 years overnight. I hurt, my muscles are tight and I can't move very quickly. It makes getting out of bed to go to work pretty difficult. But I do and usually after a warm shower and some stretching I can move a bit better. Some days it can take hours before I'm moving normally. I climb lots of stairs in the hospital MANY times a day and that seems to help (even if I am totally winded by the 5th floor)!

Do others with MS have this problem?

On a happier note I have been sleeping better. Many of you know that for many months I was dealing with nocturia which is when I have to pee MANY times a night. Well my MS has given me a break and that problem is much better. I actually slept through the night twice this week w/o waking up to pee. It is a miracle for me!

My fatigue continues to be the worst symptom these days. I think the worst thing about it is I never know when it is going to hit me like a ton of bricks. I can be feeling fine one minute and the next I could be feeling like I have NO energy at all. It is hard to explain exactly what it feels like but believe me it does not feel good.

So I think I need to continue to work on getting to bed each night at a reasonable time (which for me is by 10) and I need to join the gym. Hopefully working out will help w/ all my muscle tightness and get me feeling like a 33 year old again.

Oh and massages would be great. Too bad I can't afford to get them right now!

Still moving forward and appreciating that I'm as healthy as I am. I know it could be worse and I count my blessing everyday.

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  1. Hi! I keep finding all these MS blogs and I am so excited. I just came across yours from MS and The Single Girl :).

    Anyway, yoga/exercise will probably help a lot with the morning stiffness. My doctor suggests for his patients to exercise 5 days a week for 30 minutes. Exercise really helps a lot of symptoms! Yoga has especially helped me with stiffness issues...

    I suffer from fatigue too and it's absolutely terrible. If going to bed early and exercise doesn't work for you, you should ask your doctor about taking an energy pill like Provigil. It has been life changing for me :)