Saturday, September 18, 2010

Another Red Sox Season Comes to an End

Well the season isn't officially over but it might as well be. The Red Sox really don't have any chance of getting to the playoffs. Last night was my last game of the season. So thought I would recap my Red Sox season. (The short version is that it rained at a lot of my games, was cold and I saw many losses!)

Emily and Jodi
Sept 17th
vs. Toronto
L 11-9
The one good thing (for me) about the Red Sox being out of playoff contention is that Red Sox clothes are already on sale. I got this windbreaker which was $60 for $20. I was so excited! During the 7th inning stretch of this game they relit the Citgo sign which had been dark all summer. I guess it was an exciting moment for Bostonians.

Katelyn and Jodi
September 4th (postponed from the 3rd due to Earl)
vs. Chicago White Sox
L 3-1
Fortunately the Hurricane was a lot of hype and the game could have been played on Fri night. But we ended up w/ a beautiful day on Sat and it was nice to actually see a game when it was hot and sunny. A rarity for me!

Taylor H. and Jodi
July 16th
vs. Texas
L 4-8
Taylor and I went to a game w/ others from AFC Mentoring and unfortunately it rained (hard) and there were 2 rain delays! We made the most of it by enjoying some ice cream.

Taylor C. and Jodi
June 17th
vs. Arizona
W 8-5
Taylor came down from Maine one night to enjoy a game w/ me and we saw a win! It was cool for a June night but we still had a good time. We did leave the game a bit early b/c Taylor is a huge Celtics fan and wanted to watch their playoff game.

Kendall and Jodi
June 11th
vs. Philly
W 12-2
Kendall and I enjoyed a win against Philly again on a cool June night. I think I just wanted a picture where I was wearing that Red Sox sweatshirt! Believe me and went on immediately afterwards. :)

Mom and Jodi
May 11th
vs. Toronto
W 6-1
I got tickets from MSPCC just a week before I was leaving my job there. They were really good seats along the 3rd base line on the lower level. This is a change for me since I am use to always sitting in the bleachers!

Taylor H. and Jodi
April 21st
vs. Texas
W 8 -7
Taylor and I enjoyed a game courtesy of Anna and Sherry (thanks ladies) and it was very cold that night. Not only did I wear my favorite sweatshirt but a fleece too! Ha! Taylor and I always manage to try a lot of different food. On this night we got popcorn and is was a little burnt but we were too lazy to go and get a new one.

Emily and Jodi
April 16th
vs. Tampa Bay
L 1-3
Emily and I at our first game of the season. Emily and I bought a 4 pack but Emily ended up having last minute conflicts for 2 of the games so that is why you don't see her 4 times. And yes I am wearing a winter jacket at this game (I had gloves too).

All and all it was a fun season. Going to Fenway Park is always a good time. I'm looking forward to next season already and hoping the players will be much healthier! And since I'm not a big football fan I can now get back into my trashy reality tv watching ways.

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