Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Ramblings, Updates and Fall Resoultions!

  • I need to join a gym. It will be good for my body. It will be good for my MS. So why can't I get my lazy self to the gym to sign up? Trying to motivate. . . the local YMCA is right down the street and they even give a discount to people w/ MS. So I need to look into that some more! Sept is a crazy month for me including a 10 day vacation so my goal is to join in Oct. Trying hard to motivate!
  • I need to find time to scrapbook. I miss my favorite hobby very much and I'm very far behind. I need to finish my Ireland vacation and start my 2010 scrapbook. I love scrapbooking and really haven't done any all summer so time to get back on track!
  • I'm in the VERY beginning stages of starting a private practice. There is a lot of upfront paperwork I have to do w/ insurance companies and it is a long process. But you have to start somewhere so that is what I'm doing. I also plan to design a professional website, business cards, pamphlets, etc. So this should keep me very busy but I'm excited about it b/c it will keep me involved in some adoption work and make me some extra money. Oh and I've also decided I'll do a "How to start a private practice" post at a later date. There is no to do list to follow out there so maybe I can help someone else in the future. I'm just happy I have a few people guiding me along the way.
  • I feel confident that no bed bugs came home w/ me. I did end up w/ several bites on my stomach and the back of my neck but I know those happened while at camp. So far no new ones since being home and it has been over a week. Keep your fingers crossed that all those little critters stayed at camp!
  • If I am being completely honest I have not been 100% caffeine free lately. I do have coffee some mornings at work or the occasional Coke. If I'm struggling w/ fatigue I need it to get through the work day. The good news is I'm sleeping pretty good lately (still taking sleeping pills though).
  • I love looking forward to and planning vacations. I'm going to CA at the end of Sept and I can't wait. I hope to go to London and the Italian Rivera in May (to visit Stacy) and to Oregon sometime next summer (to visit Meghan). Also hope to do a quick weekend trip to NJ to meet my Godson, Rais.
  • I'm in the process of planning a MS fundraiser at a bar for late fall (hopefully). I hope to pull off a great event but it is going to be a lot of work.
  • So I've come to realize that what I thought it true - most of the time I'm writing to just a handful of people. I really expected to hear from a few more people who I thought were reading? Hope my few followers/readers are enjoying! :)

Ok not sure if after writing that all day I feel better or more overwhelmed! Haha! Sometimes it is just good to get all the random stuff in my head out. Plus now I have certain things documented to hold me accountable!

I'm going to be hosting a blog hop on a chronic illness blog. So I need to come up w/ a question that other people w/ MS and/or other chronic illness will answer. What is something you want to know about people living w/ chronic illness? Ideas and suggestions would be appreciated.


  1. When I had trouble sleeping, I was low in magnesium, folic acid and zinc.

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  4. I think a good question might be to ask about the day to day thoughts of someone with a chronic illness. Do they think about it all day, every day? Is it just part of their life? And what are some of the coping skills they may have developed?

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