Sunday, August 29, 2010

MS Does Not Like Busy Weekends!!

I had a very busy weekend following a very busy week. Stephanie is in town visiting so we went to dinner for Boston Restaurant Week (restaurant review coming) and then met Lynne for drinks. Then the following night I had an Elon alumni Happy Hour. So 2 nights out in a row after working is not usually a great idea for me. But I pushed it a little more and went to the Marshfield Fair with Taylor on Friday night which got me home late. Saturday I got up early (8AM on a weekend is early!) Stephanie and I were ready for shopping even though neither of us should be spending ANY money at all on clothes. We started out at the Christmas Tree Shop then to the Natick Mall and ended the day at the Wrentham Outlets. We were both exhausted by the end of all the shopping and walking and my legs/feet were screaming at me but I pushed on and we went to Franklin to babysit my nieces. Well anyone who has ever been around a 18 month old and 2 1/2 year old know that they have a lot of ENERGY! So we took them to dinner and for ice cream got home and did baths, pj's, played, read books and bed. I could have fallen asleep them but we decided to watch a movie "When in Rome" which is the WORST movie ever I might add. We ended up sleeping over there but didn't get to bed until after midnight and were woken this AM by to energetic cuties rearing to go at 7AM. So we got up and went out to breakfast with them. I think I was home in my own bed by 10AM and I crashed. I took a 3 hour nap and when I woke up still felt terrible. I was tingly, exhausted, had a headache. . . so back to sleep for a little long I went. Forced myself up to take a shower around 4 and met up w/ Stacy to take some photographs of her and her dog, Wallace.

A little more excitement tonight when I got a phone call from Steph (who is on the Cape w/ her boyfriend) stating that he was in the hospital and needed his appendix removed and she was stranded at the hotel w/ no car. Thankfully my mom lives on the Cape and came to the rescue. He is in surgery now and they are at the hospital. Lots of excitement and hoping he will be ok!

So if you aren't tired from reading that then you should tell me your secrets. I'm laying in bed watching the Emmy's and blogging. Hoping my MS will forgive me for such a busy weekend. I promise to be better behaved over this coming long weekend (maybe)!

And b/c you know I can do a post w/o pictures here are a few!

Love these girls SO much!

Peyton wanted to use my camera and she took this pic of Ella and I. Not too bad for a 2 yr old!

Seeing my nieces LOVING Dora and Diego. . . PRICELESS
(if you read the previous post that will make sense)

Peyton was so happy that she wanted to pose for 100 pics w/ Dora. She took Dora in the car w/ us when we went to dinner. When we got home I told her to go upstairs so we could do baths. She said, "Is Dora a bath toy?" I said "sure" and she proceeded to wash Dora's body and hair w/ soap then dried her all off when we were done. At bedtime she got her all settled in her bed w/ her other "friends." I really think she thinks blow up Dora is REAL. Ha ha! And Thank God Ella is flexible and willingly accepted Diego as her own since there is no way Peyton was going to separate from Dora!!

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