Sunday, August 29, 2010

Marshfield Fair

Time spent in car from my office to Taylor's house 1 hour 45 minutes

Time spent in car from Taylor's house to Marshfield Fair 30 minutes

2 admissions $20

2 orders of delicious cheesy fries $13

Playing the dart game twice to win Dora and Diego for my nieces $10

Many rides at $1.25 per tickets and most rides needed 4 tickets $ ???

Kettle corn, cotton candy, lemonade and more $???

Continuing a 3 year tradition at the Marshfield Fair with Taylor. . . PRICELESS

Posing for silly pictures. . .

Seeing cows pee, seeing the pigs eat a ton of food and petting goats. . . PRICELESS

Spending time with old friends. . .

Taylor and I have gone to the Marshfield Fair together for the past 3 years. This year for the first time our friends Jenny, Max and Emelia joinned us too. I love that we have traditions that we have made together and look forward to eat year. Another favorite tradition is apple picking which is right around the corner!

Taylor "mooing" at the cow in 2009

On the Merry-go-Round in 2008

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