Monday, July 5, 2010

Weekend Recap

I had a great weekend on the Cape. I drove down very late Friday night to avoid traffic and it was a good idea. Only problem is that I forgot my medications including my sleeping pills so I had to go to a 24 hour CVS in Yarmouth to beg the pharmacist for some. He gave me 2 for free so I was relieved! I got to my parent's condo finally at 11.

Saturday was a low key and lazy day. Then Saturday night Jaime and I had a Girl's Night Out and a belated birthday celebration for her! We walked around on Main St. in Hyannis and shopped a little too. We or course stopped at Colorful Creations were I purchased some scrapbooking paper. We were trying to decide where to eat and neither of us were very hungry so we sat outside at a Mexican restaurant and enjoyed some colorful margaritas and some not so good guacamole. It was a fun start to the night!

Next stop was a Tapas Bar. We actually sat inside this time to check out the atmosphere (a.k.a the men). We both got a yummy martini. The drinks were good the men were not!

We had dinner at the British Brewing Company which was very good. No drinks for me at this stop since I was the DD. After dinner we walked and shopped a little more. We went into this brand new jewelry store and I fell in LOVE with this starfish necklace. I didn't buy it b/c it was 50 bucks but I can't stop thinking about it so I might be purchasing it soon. . . What do you think? Do you like it?

We ended the night at an Irish pub - can't remember the name but Jaime and I sure felt old when we got there. Lots of young college kids! We had fun though. Jaime had an 11:00 curfew (had to get home to the kids) so we ended the night kind of early which was good b/c I was tired by then!

On Sunday the girls came down with Tim and Jenn. They were VERY excited to go to the beach. This might have been the only 2 seconds all day that they sat! No comments from the peanut gallery about my white skin! I'm working on the tan and the vitamin D intake. :)

Peyton is a fish and LOVES the water. She wasn't nervous at all and every time she came out for a second she immediately wanted to go back in. Thankfully my dad and Tim took turns swimming with her!

Ella on the other hand was more content on the shore and enjoyed playing in the sand. She even said my name (well kind of) for the first time! We were in the condo and she was looking from me and she came walking out of the kitchen to find me saying something that sounded like Jodi. Very exciting!! Of course the rest of the day I tried to get her to say it again.

I ended the day with Jaime and her girls, Emma and Cameron, at a cookout and fireworks at the beach. The fireworks were a lot of fun b/c people are shooting them off all up and down the beach for miles. It is so pretty!

Even as an adult I still LOVE glow necklaces!!! I couldn't wait to get my hands on this red, white and blue one!! haha! Thanks Jaime for inviting me to hang out with you and the girls. It was fun.

Drove home late Sun night and today has been a lazy day. Back to work tomorrow. Hope you all had a wonderful 4th of July weekend!!!

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