Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Social Work Friends

I went to grad school with the two "big" girls, Emily and Marybeth, in this picture. The 3 little girls are their adorable daughters Julia, Emma and Reese. I love having social workers as friends. They "get" me and we can talk about work stuff and it is so nice. We also have SO much other stuff we can talk about too. It is so fun seeing them with and without kids. We always have fun and I always feel so supported by them. Emily is due with her 2nd baby (a boy) in Oct so we hope to get together before then. After that I guess we will have to let a boy into our girl group haha!

P.S. Emily scooped up a royal blue ring and white pearl ring (they are stretchy so perfect for swollen pregnant fingers) and Mary grabbed a pink ring (of course)! Thanks girls for supporting MS!

P.P.S. We missed you Kerri. Hope you can join us next time.


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