Monday, July 19, 2010


For those of you who don't know me well. . . I LOVE scrapbooking. It is my favorite hobby. I've been a "scrapbooker" since even before it was the "in" thing to do! Oh and I love paper. I must have 100s of pieces of paper and I still buy more. Finding the perfect piece for a layout is SO much fun.

I love to travel and make scrapbooks of my trips. It is such a great keepsake and a fun way to remember what I did and saw. I'm currently working on my Ireland trip that I took in May. I haven't had much time to scrap lately but I look forward to doing more very soon.

I have so many scrapbooks I've lost count! Here are my Creative Memories scrapbooks. I have many others both at my house and my parent's house. I get the majority of my supplies from Creative Memories and I love their products especially their albums and tape.

I love to scrapbook with friends. It is a great time to get together and catch up while scrapping. Stacy is my regular scrapping buddy! Stacy also loves to scrap her travels. In addition to my vacations I make a yearly scrapbook each year and usually need 2. I'm actually hoping this blog will help me reduce that to 1 a year b/c I won't need to scrap as much since I have records on here. I do love so scrap pics of my nieces and it is so hard to pick just a few.

Do you want to know what makes scrapbooking even more fun? Champagne!!! A little bubbly brings out the creatively and makes anything more fun. Haha! Oh and Stacy and I manage to use the whole room. We will have paper, punches, bling, etc all over the place!

I hope this doesn't make me sound really crazy but my mom and I have even been on "scrapbooking bus tours." It is a bus that takes you around to 4 or 5 different scrapbooking stores where you get to make a little craft and shop. It is really fun but I will admit there do tend to be some interesting people on them! :)

I've even been to a few bigger scrapbooking events where people come together to scrap. There is food, contests, make and takes, etc. It is a lot of fun and a chance to scrap all day! Don't worry I will never go on a scrapbooking cruise!

I tend to take A LOT of pictures so I end up putting a lot of pictures on my pages. I like layouts that call for lots of pics. No one pic per page for me!

Stacy and I have a favorite place to scrap - our friend Jenny has a studio and let's us use it. We bring dinner and champagne and camp out for the night. It is great. Unfortunately we haven't had as much time to scrap this summer as usual but hopefully we can plans some dates soon.

I'm so glad I've kept up with hobby since being diagnosed with MS. I can't always do it for as long or as late into the night as I use to but I still do it. It is something I can do while sitting and I find it pretty relaxing so I think it is a good hobby to have.


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  1. One of my hobbies...I scrapbook! My daughter and I do it together sometimes, and share our paper and embellishments, because like you we have tons. Now, if you ever fing that scrapbooking cruise...count us in!