Monday, July 26, 2010

How Much Do I Love Necklaces?

Can you ever have TOO MANY necklaces? I don't think so! I have A LOT of necklaces. Two tie racks full of them to be exact and that isn't including all my sterling silver necklaces. Would you believe there are days when I don't have one to match my outfit, or that is the right length, or just works? Maybe I need more haha!!

Others may loves shoes or purses which is great too. Don't get me wrong I enjoy both of those things. But my fetish is a lot cheaper (most of the time) and it is always fun to jazz up an outfit with a fun necklace.

I am fortunate that I have two friends who make jewelry. So several of my necklaces are courtesy of them (thanks Taylor and Noelle)! I've also made a few myself but to be honest those aren't my favorites. Some of my necklaces are cheap and some are a bit more expensive - they are all fun and I've actually been know to pick my necklace first and then an outfit to go with it!

Here are some of my favorite places to get necklaces:

Lia Sophia


Taylor's store, Aboca Beads

Designs by Noelle

I also like to browse at local clothing stores like Ann Taylor Loft and The Limited, craft fairs, gift shops, etc. Anyplace I kind find a unique and pretty necklace is good for me.

What about you? Do you love necklaces as much as I do?

Do you have other fetishes?

P.S. Since we are talking about jewerly I just wanted to remind you that I am selling Rings for MS so buy one in every color, buy one for every finger, buy one for your mom, or sister, or friend - they make great gifts and money goes to a GREAT cause!

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  1. You sure do have a lot of necklaces! They look like happy jewellery so that can't be bad.

    I had a shoe fetish, before the MS...and I've always been quite partial to diamonds, which are sometimes cheaper than the shoes I bought. LOL