Saturday, July 17, 2010

Can I just blame it on my MS?

So my Thursday night went something like this. . .

stopped at Target on my way home from work, bought a sundress that I really didn't need (but it is SO cute), drove home from Target, hung out in my room for a while, went to get my iPhone out of the side pocket of my bag where I always keep it and it wasn't there, looked around my room but couldn't find it, FREAKED out, drove back to Target and looked around in the places I was, nothing there, FREAKED out some more, checked at customer service, nothing, went outside and check in my car, came home and check my pockets from the outfit I wore that day, nothing and nothing, continued to FREAK out, emailed my mom, she called my phone many times, still nothing. . .I'm thinking I must have dropped it out of my bag while at Target. How do these things happen to me? Can I just blame it on my MS? If there was just a reason I think I would feel better. But I don't - I feel terrible.

On Friday I was so anxious and stressed at work I couldn't even concentrate on work. I had this big lump in my chest and my stomach felt nauseous. I can't believe how sick I felt over my iPhone. Am I really that dependent/obsessed with it? (Don't answer that please I think I already know the answer - lol).

So as of now I remain phoneless. My options are to continue waiting it out to see if it turns up or to go to the Apple store and buy the new iPhone 4 but my great friend, Joana, just called all the stores and nobody has any in stock and there is a wait list!!!!!!!!

I hate to admit it but I feel lost without my phone. It is terrible. I don't even want to leave my house b/c then I feel completely disconnected. At least at home I have my laptop!

So as I continue to grieve my loss here are some pictures to remember my wonderful iPhone:

This was the day I got my first iPhone - very exciting!!

Peyton has loved my iPhone every since she was a baby and she still loves especially the "Wheels on the Bus" game!

Ella also loves my phone and this was just taken on July 4th. The last known picture of my iPhone! haha!


  1. AHHH, such a tragedy!! Mainly because those phones cost so dang much $$$$!!!! And secondly because you have like your entire life on there! I hope a good samaritan returns it to you in the mail :) Sorry you lost your lifeline ... LOL.