Tuesday, June 8, 2010

MS - not so bad. . .

Don't get me wrong I don't actually like having MS but it isn't so bad either.

Today at work I saw my first patient. I went into the room with the doctor to meet with the patient, his wife and his daughter so that the doctor could inform them that the patient had cancer all over his body, stage 4, terminal, not good. The patient came in with severe pain never expecting to get a diagnosis like this. Now, along with his family he needs to get his affairs in order and live out his last few months with family while being treated for pain management only since there is no cure. He is 74. That is not that old. I don't know if he has grandkids but he has a loving wife and two daughters and it is just so unfair.

It just put things in perspective for me today. Some days I really don't like MS. Today I was reminded that life throws everyone curve balls and some are curvier than others. So today I am thankful - thankful that my MS is currently under control, thankful that I am healthy and thankful that I should live for a long, long time.

And anytime I'm feeling down all I have to do is look at this face and I smile!

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