Saturday, June 5, 2010


Thursday - we took a day trip to Kenmare. It is a cute little town with colorful houses and window boxes filled with flowers. We decided to do another tour so that we could see the Beara Peninsula. It was very different from the Ring of Kerry and Dingle (the other 2 peninsulas) and pretty in its own way. The tour guide drove us up Healey Pass which is a very curvy and windy road. You literally had to come to a complete stop if a car was coming for the other side. Sometimes we had to stop for sheep too! After the driving part of the tour we went on a boat cruise in the Lakes of Killarney.

After our tour we returned to Killarney for dinner and drinks! Of course!

Friday - Allan, Cathy and Gail golfed 9 holes in Killarney while Katelyn and I did the Ring of Kerry tour. We went on a small bus with a group of other tourists. This was the least sunniest days of our trip but it didn't rain so we weren't complaining!

First stop we got to see a sheep herding demonstration. I though it was really cool. The border collie's are SO smart. They listen to every command and seem so happy doing there job. I never knew sheep could run so fast but boy can they!

We stopped in a little town for lunch. Katelyn and I decided to stray away from the group and walked around. We found this pub,  and knew it was the perfect place to eat lunch. While we were in there our distant cousin (haha) made friends with us. He was so drunk! He told us he worked 2 days a week doing landscaping. We assumed he spends the other 5 days hanging in the pub. He talked our ears off for a while and half of what he was saying we couldn't understand due to his accent and the slurring of words! Luckily when our food came he left us alone!

The views of the Ring of Kerry were nice but I always feeling silly posing for pics alone!

After the tour we met the others back at our cottage in Killarney. That night we went to a martini bar that I really like (we had been there the last time).

Well little did we know that they would be having a huge "Sex in the City 2" party. All the girls were really dressed up and drinking fancy drinks. We sat in another room that was pretty quiet and I enjoyed my own pretty drink!

Saturday - we got up and packed our stuff and started our drive to Dublin. On the way we made a lunch stop in Kilkenny.
It is a medieval town. It was really pretty and very busy! It is also the home of Smithwicks but the brewery.

That afternoon we made it to Dublin and we headed out to a few of our favorite bars/pubs for drinks. First stop was at "The Bank." It is a really cool bar inside an old bank. After that we went to dinner at a restaurant that Gail's cousin recommended. It was pretty trendy!

The food was great. Oh and it seemed like we were a little under dressed as all the girls there were decked out! It didn't stop us from enjoying more drinks!

From there we went to a pub called Beau's. Allan had read about it and really wanted to go. They are known for all of the whiskey they carry. Allan was happy. It was actually a cute little put and only a block from our hotel!

After this pub we called it a night. We knew we needed to save some energy for our big day on Sunday!

- the highpoint for today was to go to Brazen Head for the Irish session. They really have the best live music. We knew from experience that we would need to get there early to get a table. So Katelyn and Cathy headed out to Guinness and Jameson (since Katelyn had never been) and Allan and I headed out to kill time. We stopped off at the Jameson gift shop and then we were off to the brand new Leprechaun Museum. It was a little cheesy but good to see something new and different after being to Dublin several times before!

Allan and I were the first people to arrive at Brazen Head for the music. We picked out a great table (right next to where the guy who plays the spoons sits) and we killed time for about 2 hours! Luckily a few drinks helped pass the time. The music was great as usual and after the session we got to talk to the guy who plays the spoons. He was really cool.

Monday - time to go home. I didn't want to leave to head back to reality but at the same time I was exhausted from all the eating, drinking and sightseeing! We had an awesome trip!

And since this blog is mainly about my life with MS I wanted to let you all know that my MS was well behaved on this vacation. When you live with MS you never know when symptoms are going to pop up and ruin your day. I was feeling great most of the week with very little fatigue which I was thrilled about! I slept well too which for me is a huge thing. By the end of the trip my body was exhausted but I think that is too be expected considering how much we did. So glad I could enjoy an amazing vacation without complications from my MS!!!

Of course there is a lot more about my trip that I didn't write about. I took over 200 pictures and didn't think I should post them all! I hope you enjoy this recap and if you ever go to Ireland I'd be happy to tell you more. I've now been 4 times!


  1. Hi Jodi,

    I saw your name on TaxingWoman, StellarLife, one of those "together" womens' blogs? you said interested in meeting MS'ers?

    Well, we may be fairly different (unless you are a Yankee-Bean, groan; bad joke, in Red Sox land?), but I'm sure we have things in common.

    Yes; MS, and I don't like to put that label on myself either!

    My blog is mostly "about" the changes in my way of thinking, my Messie-Brain, I think of it sometimes. For me, the cognitive changes are the biggest part of MS, although I do cling to the walls when I leave my walker, I was walking alone for a year, and the mental SH......T

    oh, and I cuss a lot.

    I did not read your blog in the suggested order, in fact, I didn't even TRY. My ways are not "linear," to say the least!

    Nice to meetcha,

    oh, DX Nov '07 -
    about twenty-five YEARS after Optic Neuritis,

    the neuro-ophthalmologists at NY Eye & Ear

    said that if I wasn't smoking cocaine when the O.N. began,
    then I would probably get MS.

    Many think this was good luck it took so
    long, but in the meantime, I had not kept up
    to date on MS news, so still kinda assumed I
    would curl up & die in my blind, crippled, puddle of pee-myself.

    Not so bad after all? Yeah, yeah - outward cheeriness draws more flies than my regular mopey self, and the MS is not really as bad as I had feared.

    PS, and I talk too much when I get going, oops.

  2. oh, right, my POINT...

    The mental changes are having a bigger impact on me than the can't-walk-so-much part...

    Yes, I could edit this, but it would take weeks and I doubt I would actually achieve anything by trimming it down to "the facts, ma'am, just the facts," since the medium IS my message, in a once-read-too-much way?

    AGH, I am very confused now.

  3. "Kenmare" is the name of a street near where I live, your vacation sounds great, and I am a little jealous of all your friends!