Monday, June 14, 2010

2 Month Anniversary!

I've now been a "blogger" for 2 whole months! When I started this blog it was with the intent of using if for fundraising and sharing my life with MS. I've "met" some other MS bloggers and think people are reading but sometimes I'm not sure!?

So if you read would you please follow me? You will see the follow me button on the right hand side of my page.

And if you read a post and have something to say please leave me a comment! I LOVE comments!!

Lastly if you have a blog with a list of blogs you read would you consider adding me to your list?

Thanks everyone!


  1. Hi Jodi
    I'm always reading... sorry not to comment more - I usually read from my RSS feed which *hates* commenting and usually ends up sulking when U try!

    I've a link to your blog on my new and improved blog roll -


  2. I just started reading. I have a blog too. I know what you mean when you think people are reading. I will follow you...and you can follow me!

    Happy blogging.