Thursday, May 20, 2010

Then and Now

THEN - 2007

Stephanie first became roommates with Lynne and I in 2007 after meeting online! haha! I must admit that both Lynne and I were hesitant to accept a new roommate online without meeting her first but Steph was persistent and I'm so glad she was. Steph convinced us that she would be a great roommate and she was right. Not only was she a great roommate but she has become a very close friend. The day I was diagnosed with MS, Steph was the first person I told. She was in shock, of course, but she immediately offered to do whatever she could to help and even packed a bag of my stuff to bring over to the hospital and took over my house/cat sitting job for a night! She always remained supportive of me. We enjoyed two great vacations in Florida, many ice cream dates and spent plenty of time watching trashy reality TV like The Bachelor and The Hills! :)

NOW - 2010

Well the time has come for Steph to return to California. She has completed three years of Law School and already has a job lined up on the left coast. Last night the three of us got together to say goodbye (for now) to her. I'm not sad because I know we will keep in touch and always remain friends. Steph is planning a visit back to Boston in Aug and I'm going to CA in Sept. We will start out in the San Fran area and check out some wineries and then drive done to LA together where Steph will start the next chapter of her life.


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