Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Still Fundraising!

My mother has been a member of St. Mary's Catholic Women's Club for many years. Each May they have an end of the year banquet. Tonight I attended with her in order to accept a $100 donation toward my fundraising efforts for the Boston MS Walk. I really appreciate their generosity!

Lil, the current President, presented me with the check. She also gave me a personal donation which was so nice of her considering I had never even met her prior to the banquet. People's generosity continues to amaze me. Additionally many of the women shared kind words with me and told me I'll be in their prayers. I figure I'll take all the prayers I can get - anything to help me stay strong and healthy!

My mom and I got a picture too! Unfortunately her camera was acting a little funky so the pictures came out a little strange.

Oh and by the way so far I've raised $3,590 which is AMAZING! The Bean Team continues to great as well. We are still waiting for a few matching donations to come in so I don't know the final total yet but will share when I do!

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