Monday, May 10, 2010

Neurologist appointment, MRI results and CAT scan

I had my routine neurologist appointment today. I got very good news about my MRI too. My doctor told me that I had no active lesions and no new lesions!!! This is a picture of a brain MRI of a person who has MS. Those white spots are what the doctor looks for. Since they inject dye into my arm during the MRI it makes the lesions "light up" if they are inflamed. I was very happy to hear that mine looked great and I don't have to have another one for one whole year!

My doctor and I talked about my current MS symptoms the biggest ones being fatigue and insomnia. He gave a lot of suggestions about changes I could make to my medications and we discussed all the options. In the end I decided to continue doing things the same for a little while longer. We both agreed that considering the stress I'm under (due to only having a few more days at my current job, a big vacation and a new job) it may all be contributing to how I'm feeling. He suggested "Lifestyle Changes" which will have to be a whole post by itself.

He examined me and told me that everything looked great which is always so nice to hear. But unfortunately when I had my MRI the results showed a cyst like spot in my chest (nothing to do w/ MS) so I would need to have a CAT scan to follow up. I must admit I was pretty nervous even though everyone kept telling me "it is probably nothing." Well many of you know that I've heard those words before and hours later was diagnosed with MS. So this time around I was a bit less trusting.

I had my CAT Scan and it was quick and easy. Much better than an MRI. The results showed. . . NOTHING!!!! Great news! They couldn't even find the spot that they saw in the MRI so they think it may have just been from movement during the MRI. So all is fine with all my tests. I also had to have blood work to check my liver function, WBC count and vitamin D level. I haven't heard anything about that so I'm guessing it was all fine.

I will see my neurologist again in six months which is the longest amount of time since I've been diagnosed so it is a big milestone. I really like him but I'm happy that I'm well enough to see him less.

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