Monday, May 10, 2010

Kimball Farm for Mother's Day

What a great Mother's Day at Kimball Farm for some delicious ice cream! Too bad it was so cold we had to move into the (heated) tent! My Mom, Allan, Scott and Tim all went for a banana split and none of them could finish it. I had a Double Dae which is a lot smaller but I couldn't finish that either. Peyton had a little bit of her chocolate and Jenn's black raspberry and Ella enjoyed some Lemon Sorbet (since she is still dairy free). The girls had fun running around and chasing a rooster that was there, my Dad and Allan took a try at the batting cages and the rest of us just tried to keep warm. Peyton and Ella got a special treat from their parents - new sweatshirts!

If you've never been to Kimball Farm I highly recommend you check it out! My dad already requested that we do it all over again for Father's Day!

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