Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Farewell Act of Love Adoptions

Today was my last day of work at Act of Love Adoptions. After five years of working there and putting everything thing I had into my job and my clients I am now unemployed (until June 1 anyways)!

When I started at Act of Love in 2005 I was fresh out of grad school and had a lot of energy and was so excited to be working, especially in adoption. So much has changed in my life over the past five years - I've gained two beautiful nieces, I was diagnosed with MS, I got my LICSW, I moved into my own apartment and SO SO much more. I came into this job with not much experience and I'm leaving with so much more confidence, knowledge and experience and that feels really great.

Since I gave my notice five weeks ago I haven't really reflected yet on my time at Act of Love. I think mainly because I've been so busy! Distractions are a good way to avoid getting sad. I don't feel sad (yet) and I think that is because I'm so excited to leave on vacation to Ireland. But when I get back and the following day get up and drive to Melrose (no more T) it will probably all hit me. Then I'm sure I will feel sad and really miss all of the amazing families I worked with over the years. But for now most of all I feel proud. Proud to have played such an amazing role in creating families. This is something I will never make light of because it was an absolutely amazing experience.

One of my favorite families gave me a card and they wrote this in it:

"Dear Jodi, We can't even begin to thank you for everything you have done for our family - your guidance, your patience and your compassion made such a huge difference and we hope you know how much we have appreciated your help and support over the past year. You have touched so many families and we are so lucky to be one of them."

So while I may no longer be an Adoption Social Worker, I'll always remain passionate about adoption and remember all of the amazing babies who I helped to be adopted.

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