Friday, April 30, 2010

How do you spend Friday nights?

For me Friday nights mean shot night and I don't mean the kind you drink although that sounds like a lot more fun! A lot of people have asked me about my medications/treatment for MS so here is all you ever wanted to know (and probably more)!
I take Avonex. Avonex is an injection that I have to take once a week. The good news is that it is only once a week. The bad news is that it is an injection (a.k.a. shot). And yes I have to give it to myself! Avonex has to be kept cold. Once a month I get a shipment of 4 injections that arrive in a cooler. Then I put it is my fridge right along with the food and drinks. There have been weeks when the Avonex is the only thing in my fridge! :)

Above is what it looks like. I get the injection, 2 needles and an alcohol swab. I lay it on my counter b/c it needs to warm up for about 30 minutes. It makes it less painful if the injection is warm when I do it.
So it is hard to tell from the above picture but here are the 2 needles I get. The one with the green bottom is HUGE. It is really thick and does not look like it would be fun to stick in my skin. The one with the white bottom is a bit thinner but still pretty long.

So one of the drawbacks of Avonex (besides the fact that it is a shot) is that it can cause "flu like symptoms" also known as feeling like you were hit by a truck. So I always take 4 ibprofen before doing my injection. That along with being well hydrated usually helps me feel better. For the first year of doing the injections I got REALLY sick. It literally came on fast and felt like a hard core flu and then within hours would be gone. So strange. Luckily I haven't had the side effects as bad lately so hopefully my body has finally adjusted to the medication.

Now it is time to prepare my thigh for the shot. I wipe the area with the alcohol swab. Warning- if you don't like needles you may not want to look at the next picture.

Then I stick the shot into my leg (don't worry I didn't take a picture of that)! Sometimes it hurts and sometimes it doesn't. Sometimes it bleeds and sometimes it doesn't. But the best part is that after I do it I can smile because I don't have to do it again for another week!

And of course I throw the needles away in a special sharps container! So that is my weekly routine. Hopefully someday I'll be able to take oral medications. But for now Avonex is working to prevent major flares and hopefully stop the progression of my MS.

I am not being compensating by Avonex to write this post. The above information contains my thoughts and opinions only.


  1. Jodi, your blog looks great and i think it's awesome that you're doing this. what a great idea to increase awareness and help educate everyone on what MS is and what your life is like with this challenge. thank you for being willling to put yourself out there and do this, i will definitely keep up with the blog and look forward to reading future posts! - Meghan

  2. ! That is my Friday night too! Shot of Avonex in the leg and then bed with painkillers hoping it is a good night.