Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Boston Stonger

One year later we truly are stronger.  Boston is an incredible city filled with awesome people.  We have all witnessed this in the past year since the Boston Marathon tragedy. 

It is unfortunate that it takes a tragedy to see the good in people but it is all the good that has brought us through the dark days.

One year later the survivors continue to heal.  They are getting married.  They are having babies.  They are dancing.  They are running.  They are writing books.  They are living!

I still had a hard time processing that day.  It brings tears to my eyes.  I really don't know how I will watch the marathon on Monday without balling my eyes out.  But I will be there.  Cheering on the runners and standing proudly along Comm Ave to show we are Boston StrongER!

There have been SO many amazing articles published in the last week.  So far this has been my favorite piece. Beautiful photos of amazing survivors! 

I have not had a chance to visit Dear Boston at the Boston Public Library yet but I will before it is gone.  From what I've heard it is pretty special.

Some of the photos I took last year just days after the tragedy. . .

Today I am remembering those we lost,  continuing to pray for those who are still healing and hoping that there will be justice. . .

Last year I wrote several posts following the marathon.  To read the post I wrote on this day last year go here.  Other posts here, here, and here.

Monday, April 14, 2014

Sip Happens Wine Party

Returning to work today after 4 fabulous days in DC. I took about 300 photos (no joke) so once I get those organized I'll be sharing all about my trip!  In the meantime I wanted to tell you about a fun get together I attended recently!

A couple of weeks ago Kate hosted a #SipHappens wine party.  We each had to bring a bottle of wine.  We picked a wine based on the name or label.  Such a fun idea right?  Since I'm sure we have all picked a wine based on the pretty label right?! 

Emily, Kerry and Alli were there too!  Here we are with the wine we brought.  I chose Relax Riesling.

Kate is a very good hostess and made some yummy food.  For her Greek Orzo dish recipe go here.  Kerry made the most delicious Samoas Rice Krispies treats.  I love home made rice krispies treats and I love Samoas so you can imagine my excitement over the two things together. Amazing! For her recipe go here.

As you can probably tell from the photos we had a great time! It was so fun to just hang out and chat in a relaxed setting. We had so much fun that Emily is hosting a follow up party that will be a beer tasting. If you read Emily's blog you know she loves her beer! 


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Friday, April 11, 2014

Trivia Night MS Fundraiser (Part 2)

If you missed Part 1 of my Trivia Night MS Fundraiser go here to read that too.  I shared photos of the decorations, food and raffles.  Today I'm sharing all the "people photos!"

I'm not going to tell you who all the people are in all of these photos b/c that would be boring!  But this is my mom and dad so I'll mention them since the are super supportive and helpful all of the time.  My mom helped me organize all of the raffle prizes and decorate for the event!  I'm so thankful for both of them and all of their support!

My mom sold raffle tickets at the event so I could go around and socialize and thank people from coming.  We made a lot of money on the raffles which was awesome!

This is team "Are You On Tinder" who tied for first place.  Then they had to participate in a tie breaker and lost.

This is team "3 Girls, A Guy and An Irish Pub" and they won!  It is actually kind of funny to me that they won b/c Derek is the pub owner.  I swear it wasn't fixed.  They were generous enough to give the prizes to the other team since Derek had donated them!  The prizes were pint glasses with different beer logos on them.

I love how in SO many of the above photos people look like they are really thinking about the answers.  It cracks me up how into it everyone was.  I didn't play but a lot of the questions seemed pretty hard to me!  The Trivia Guy did a really good job at making it really fun for everyone.  He had some great categories for trivia!

Julie (next to me in the black shirt) did the Challenge Walk last year with her teenage daughter and not only did they survive all those miles together but they liked it so much they are doing it again!

This is the tie breaker round.  Each of the first place teams had to pick a member to go up.  The category was "cereals" and each person had to say a cereal and first want not to know one lost. Well let's just say it went rather quickly (like one round).  I guess the pressure of 40 people staring at you makes it harder than it seems!  Lol!

I had Tyler pick the winners of each prize and then I read the name of the winner.  It was so fun to see who won each prize especially the most popular ones!

And this will not be know as the funniest photo I've seen in a LONG time.  I have no idea what Jenn was doing while waiting for us to get up there for the group photo but when I saw it on my camera the next day it gave me a good laugh!

My aunt was really helpful with getting some donations for the raffle baskets and donating the subs!  I'm so lucky to have so many family and friends willing to help me!  It makes hosting these events so much easier.

So I know you all want to know how much the event made. . . well the grand total after paying expenses was just over $700!!!!  Amazing right!?  I was pleasantly surprised!

I've had several people already asked if I'm doing it again next year so I think this might become an annual event!  Hoping to have an even bigger trivia night next year!  I think team "Are You On Tinder" will be back to try to claim the first place title.

My next fundraiser is a whiskey tasting with the Irish Whiskey Society.  More info to come!!!

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Trivia Night MS Fundraiser (Part 1)

A couple of weeks ago I had my first big fundraiser for the MS Challenge Walk.  For those of you who don't know. . . I'll be walking 50 miles for MS in 3 days on Cape Cod.  This will be my third year walking.  My sister-in-law Jenn, cousin-in-law Meghan, her sister Leigh Ann, and my two blog friends turned in real life friends Kate and Emily will be walking with me.  My mom will be on the crew for the fifth year!  We each have to raise a minimum of $1,500 or $9,000 as a team but we hope to raise over $10,000!  So the fundraising has to begin early and continue through the summer.

Another blog friend turned in real life friend Colleen volunteered to be my photographer for this event. Thanks to her I have a ton of amazing photos and needed to divide this into two posts.  Part 1 is all the decorations, food, raffles. . . Part 2 is the people and trivia. . . 

The event was held at the Lower Mills Pub which is owned by my cousin's friend.  He generously donated the space as well as a "liquor basket" to raffle off!  We filled the bar and the space worked great!

This is right when you walk into the pub.  The Bean Team banner was a perfect fit!

My MS t-shirt quilt made the perfect backdrop on the stage.  I had this made in honor of my 5 year diagnosis anniversary and I was so happy to be able to display it.  It got many compliments and I would have to agree.  Kristin who made it did an amazing job. She is so talented.  (She is now making my dad a sports themed quilt with all of his shirts from over the years).

My mom is so talented and has made these display boards for each of my events.  They make such great decorations at all of our fundraisers! 

I was so fortunate to have so many awesome items to raffle off.  Businesses were extremely generous!  I worked my butt off to get everything and was so thankful to have some help from my cousin Katelyn and my aunt Cathy (thanks ladies).

If you are hosting a fundraiser provide food! People like to eat!  I actually planned really well for this event and I had the perfect amount of food with hardly anything left over.  Some advice: charge less if people pay in advance vs. at the door.  That motivates people to commit and you get a better estimate of how many will come.  I had 25 pay in advance and 12 at the door.
Papa John's donated 5 large pizzas and my aunt Cathy donated 2 party subs from Market Basket.  I also had a $25 Shaws giftcard and a $25 giftcard that I used to buy the snacks and cake.  So my only expenses were the salad, paper products, balloons, and trivia guy fee.  My expenses were about $180 which is not bad at all!

I love the way the cake came out!  I just love our team logo and it was so fun to plan this event around it!  Orange everywhere including in the cookies I made!  They were a hit and gone before I even got one.  Haha!

As you can see the decorations were simple but everything looked great.  I tried not to spend too much money on random expenses because the less I spent meant the more the event would make.  You'll have to wait until the next post to find out how much I made.
 Thank you SO much to everyone who donated.  Every little bit helps.  This event would not have been possible without all of the generous donations.  I am so appreciative of everyone who came too.  Y'all are awesome and I'm glad to many people went home with prizes (I had 14 raffle prizes in total ranging in value from about $75 to $250).

Check back from Part 2 to see who was there and hear about which team won trivia!

P.S.  Please go to Facebook and "like" The Bean Team page to stay up to date with our events and see more photos!

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