Sunday, April 26, 2015

Experience Of A Lifetime at Fenway Park

I didn't even know what to title this post. . . BEST DAY EVA? Or maybe Behind The Scenes At Fenway Park's Flag Ceremony? Or just Red Sox game on Marathon Monday. . . decisions, decisions!

So this is what happened. . . on Opening Day Janelle posted a photo from the Green Monster of Fenway. I commented on her photo about how lucky she was to be at Opening Day and she told me she was a volunteer on the "flag crew" (the group that drops the HUGE American flag down the Green Monster) and I told her to keep me in mind for next year. I was thinking that would go on my bucket list b/c when would I EVER get an opportunity to do something like that?! Well Janelle got me on "the list" to do it on Marathon Monday! I know!!! They drop the flag at several games a year and a week after Opening Day when I originally asked I was getting the opportunity to be a part of it. It was such a cool experience!

The night before we had to be at Fenway when the game was ending. We waited outside for a while then went in and walked on the field! Yes on the actual field. We had to fold the flag to prepare it for dropping it the following day.

I'm standing on the warning track. Had to document it since standing on the field doesn't happen everyday (well not in my life anyway).

Once we spread the flag out we folded it up in a certain way so that it would fall properly for the game/ceremony. We then attached it to some ropes and the volunteers up on the Green Monster pulled it up (that is the flag wrapped in a green tarp).

This is my "I'm standing on the field in Fenway" selfie! I couldn't make too much of a crazy/excited face b/c I was trying to sneak the photo while also helping to fold the flag. Lol!

After we were done I of course had to get photos of not only standing in front of the Green Monster but also touching it! Again it isn't everyday normal people get to do this!

I went home with instructions to be back the next morning at 8:15 AM even though the game wasn't until 11 AM. Marathon Monday is a BUSY day in Boston and if you don't get to your destination early you might as well forget it! 

On my way into Kenmore Square I saw a lot of police. More than I've ever seen in one place at one time. While it is reassuring to know we have so many men and women who give their lives to protect us it is quite sad that we even need them at an event like a marathon. Two terrible people changed that for Boston and the world forever. We didn't let us stop us! There were already people sitting at the "One Mile To Go" marker in Kenmore Square. That is dedication! It was COLD!

After waiting outside of Fenway for an hour we finally got let into the park. We basically just got to hang out in the grandstands (since it was rainy) until it was time to take our spots on the Green Monster. We saw Willy Geist from the Today Show while we were waiting on Yawkey Way and then again inside doing a story. Of course we were so interested to know what was going on and luckily we got to see the story the following day on TV. It was so good. Watch it here (It is toward the end/around 2 minute mark).

The ceremony started and the rain stopped for a brief recess which was perfect! It was cold but we didn't care b/c it was so much fun to be up in the Green Monster seats! The "Patriots" (it was Patriot's Day in MA for you out of state readers) and then our service men and women. . .

And then we dropped the flag! It is so big and beautiful! I couldn't take photos when we were actually doing it (obviously) but fortunately the Red Sox did and I took this one off of their twitter page! I can prove we were there too! In the photo below you will see us at the bottom on the arrow (Zach on left in red, me in middle in navy and Janelle on right in hot pink). If I ever do this again I'm wearing neon yellow so y'all can REALLY see me! Haha!

After that was over we moved inside to one of the areas with a TV and bar (two essentials when it is raining). It started pouring actually. It was also where the social media wall is so Janelle and I made sure to get on it a few times! We stayed for a while then left right before they called a rain delay and put the tarp on the field. On our way out we saw Peter Gammons (photo below) doing an interview.

We caught some of the Marathon too! More about that to come in a later post!

The day was incredible! I had SO much fun and it was something I never imagined I would get a chance to be a part of. . . I didnt' even know volunteers got to drop the flag. So for this Red Sox fan it was a great day despite the rain! Thanks Janelle for making it happen!

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Thursday, April 23, 2015

Custom Art Prints For MS By "Letters From Rita"

I am so excited to tell you guys about my latest fundraiser! The Bean Team has partnered with Letters from Rita to raise money for MS. You made remember that I worked with Stephanie, the artist behind Letter from Rita, in the past and she also just so happens to live in Massachusetts.

When I contacted Stephanie to see if she would be interested in partnering with me on this project I was surprised to learn that her grandmother has MS. So she was more than willing to partner especially since MS has a special place in her heart. I hate that her grandmother has MS but I love that she has a connection because it makes this partnership all the more special.

I came up with two things - one that is pretty specific to the MS Challenge Walk and another that is an inspirational quote that I just love and think makes A LOT of sense to anyone participating in the walk or living with MS. But it is also just a great quote that I think anyone would love to hang in a collage wall or put on their desk at work. It would make a GREAT gift too especially for Mother's Day or graduations!


 Order the above print here.

Order the above print here.

What do you think!?!? Do you love them as much as I do? I hope so!

They are $20 each and $6 will be donated back to The Bean Team's fundraising for the MS Challenge Walk. Just think the more you guys buy the more money for MS. You get an awesome custom art print and MS gets money to do more research for a cure!!!!!

While you are visiting Letters from Rita on Etsy check out Stephanie's other prints! She is very talented!

Ok so what are you waiting for. . . get shopping!!!!!

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Wednesday, April 22, 2015

WILW: A Very Boston Bridal Shower

A few weeks ago, on my birthday actually, I went to my friend Emily's bridal shower. Despite the calendar saying it was Spring it decided to snow that day! My friend told me it was my birthday confetti but I didn't buy it!

The shower was at the Hampshire House in Beacon Hill which just so happens to be above the very famous Cheers bar! 

It was a lovely venue to have a tea party and the decorations were simple and pretty! The food was amazing especially the desserts which I definitely had seconds of (it was my birthday after all)!

Despite the cold and snowy day we were all very ready for spring clothes and wore bright colors anyway! I love this dress that I bought at Banana Republic last year. I was happy to have an excuse to wear it again.

Emily's flower girls had a lot of fun "helping" her open all the gifts. Thankfully nothing broke! ;)

The wedding is just a few weeks away and I still need to find a dress. It is at The Omni Parker House so something nice is a must! I'll be hitting up Nordstrom soon. . . or maybe I'll end up doing Rent the Runway. . .


Wednesday, April 15, 2015

WILW: Exploriong Balboa {In Newport Beach, CA}

I'm changing up my "What I'm Loving Wednesday" format this weekend and instead of my typical list I'm posting a vacation recap. . . because I LOVE vacations so why not?! Plus when you go away in February you shouldn't still be blogging about it two months later. Let's wrap it up! Ha!

I lived in SoCal for a year back in 1999/2000 and I've been back to visit friends/vacation many times (so many times I've lost count). So needless to say I've seen and done a lot. But there is still a lot I haven't seen and whenever I go I try to see at least one new place. I had never been to Balboa in Newport Beach and I'm not really sure why because it is GORGEOUS and a must see when visiting SoCal. I am so glad we didn't let the (fake) weather forecast of rain keep us from going because it was such a beautiful day and we loved eating, shopping and taking in the beautiful ocean views.

This is honestly one of my favorite photos from my trip and maybe of all time. I'm not sure why but I just love it. This pelican was so cute and she just sat there and posed for me. The beach, palm trees and perfectly placed clouds just make the perfect backdrop. She's got a pretty good view if you ask me!

I love palm trees. Really love. Which is why you see several photos of them in this post. I took A LOT more but I figure one can only look at so many palm tree photos. I think Boston which be so much prettier with palm trees! Don't you? Oh don't I wish. When I think of SoCal I think of palm trees. They are everywhere and there are several different types!

Isn't he cute!? He was just laying on this dock very close to the shore and it didn't phase him when I took his photo!

I guess Balboa is "famous" for frozen bananas covered with chocolate and nuts/candy/etc. So of course we had to try one! It was pretty good but not as good as ice cream. Healthier though!

I really loved Balboa. The whole area is so petty. We poked in and out of stores on the main street and there was such cute stuff! I didn't buy anything since I had already done that in Catalina! I love SoCal and visiting my friends there. It is such a treat to have friends who live in beautiful places. All this talk about vacations is making me want to plan another one. . .

Now it is your turn. What are you loving this week? You can post pretty much anything just make sure to link up with Rachel and I and share our button!

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